At least W 15th Street is no longer closed and traffic is flowing.   Actually it started up again on Monday evening.   There’s still a big crater with work having been done on the street virtually nonstop since the huge sinkhole under Alchemy Properties’ construction office trailer appeared on Sunday afternoon.    Here are pictures from this morning:

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Alchemy Properties Sinkhole: An early morning look inside the crater

Alchemy Properties Sinkhole: An early morning look the day after inside the street crater, 31 W 15th Street, NYC, 10/24/11

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It’s been some time since we’ve posted about Alchemy Properties’ construction site; workers packed up weeks ago once the demolition of 31 W 15th Street was completed down to the ground.  There just hasn’t been much going on. But new activity was apparent on Sunday 10/23/11.   However it wasn’t the beginning of  Alchemy’s new construction activity. Instead, the entire W 15th Street block between 5th and 6th Avenues was closed down because of a massive sinkhole that had developed right under Alchemy’s construction office trailer sitting in front of their W 15th Street site.

According to police / firemen working on it, the trailer was right over a gas line, and if the trailer fell in, they feared an explosion. Neighbors suggested  stagnant ponded water that was constantly present under the trailer and its porta-potty for months and months could have contributed to the sinkhole. (see video below)

The blocked off street was teeming with multiple firetrucks, police squad cars, Con Edison staffers, OEM personnel. They shored up the construction office trailer with planks so that it couldn’t fall into the hole. They also were seen / heard drilling additional holes in front of 31 15th Street’s neighboring buildings. Ultimately a flat bed trailer was backed up to the construction trailer after supports were placed under it, and it was moved. Maintenance crews worked all night to fix up the big hole, and by morning it was still not complete.

Here are some videos of what it looked like (and some photos can be found here:

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